Senin, 03 Maret 2014

UK troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are coping

Measures taken by the UK are helping troops cope with the psychological impact of trauma, according to a review of 34 studies on its armed forces.
However, some groups, like reservists, remain at greater risk of mental health problems, the study found.
Alcohol misuse and violence are also areas of concern.
Researchers at the King's Centre for Military Health Research analysed 34 published studies on the psychological impact on the UK armed forces of deployment to areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
Aggressive behaviour Where available, they compared the findings with those published on the mental health of the US military.

Tough EU smoking rules approved

The rules, voted in by the European Parliament, mean picture health warnings will have to dominate the front and back of all packaging.
There will also be a ban on flavoured, such as menthol, cigarettes.
Pro-smoking groups have criticised a "nanny state mentality", but cancer charities have backed the measures.
An estimated 700,000 premature deaths are caused by smoking across the EU each year.
The EU Tobacco Products Directive rules include:
  • picture warnings must cover 65% of the front and back of every packet of cigarettes, with additional warnings on the top of the pack
  • a ban on "lipstick-style" packs aimed at women - all packs must have at least 20 cigarettes to leave room for health warnings
  • roll-your-own tobacco packs to have similar picture warnings
  • a ban on promotional elements, such saying "this product is free of additives" or is less harmful than other brands
  • a ban on flavoured cigarettes, such as menthol, fruit and vanilla
  • a maximum nicotine-concentration level for e-cigarettes.
  • EU-wide tracking of cigarettes to combat illegal trade

Child health problems 'linked to father's age'

Increased rates of autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide attempts and substance abuse problems were all reported.
The study, in JAMA Psychiatry, suggests mutated sperm were to blame.
However, experts say the benefits older dads bring may outweigh any problems.
The investigation by Indiana University, in the US, and Sweden's Karolinska Institute has been described as the largest and one of the best designed studies on the issue.
The researchers looked at 2.6 million people and at the difference between siblings born to the same father as it accounts for differences in upbringing between families.

Three-person baby details announced

Doctors say three-person IVF could eliminate debilitating and potentially fatal diseases that are passed from mother to child.
Opponents say it is unethical and could set the UK on a "slippery slope" to designer babies.
Using the parents' sperm and eggs plus an additional egg from a donor woman should prevent mitochondrial disease.
Mitochondria are the tiny, biological "power stations" that provide energy to nearly every cell of the body.
One in every 6,500 babies has severe mitochondrial disease leaving them lacking energy, resulting in muscle weakness, blindness, heart failure and even death.

Childhood nightmares may point to looming health issues

The study, in the journal Sleep, said most children had nightmares, but persistent ones may be a sign of something more serious.
Having night terrors - screaming and thrashing limbs while asleep - also heightened the risk.
The charity YoungMinds said it was an important study which may help people detect early signs of mental illness.
Nearly 6,800 people were followed up to the age of 12.
Parents were regularly asked about any sleep problems in their children and at the end of the study the children were assessed for psychotic experiences such as hallucinations, delusions and thinking their thoughts were being controlled.